The 5 Best Explainer Videos & How to Make Your Own

I continue to be amazed at the power of video.

When we rely on words alone to tell our stories we often just reinforce people’s preconceptions.  If those preconceptions are positive, we’re OK.  If they have a negative preconception and we’re giving us a second chance–we just lost a golden opportunity.

A picture is a good start, but with video we can show what we offer in action.  Then, people can say, “Oh! That’s what it is!  I need to give that a try.”

Ivelin Radkov, 43056829

Ivelin Radkov, BigStockPhoto 43056829

When I was working with a church, I realized that we would use terms that meant a lot to us.  But, if someone had no experience with the concept–or even worse had a bad prior experience–I could clearly tell what we had here was “a failure to communicate”.   But, once we started using video I could see the lights go on in their eyes.  That doesn’t mean that everyone instantly got on board, but at least they understood what we were offering.

Also, think about how much more connected we feel with people we know through online videos, TV or movies.  How can you harness that power for your product, service or story?  Continue reading

What is an Explainer Video?

If you offer a product or service, this might be very helpful in getting the word out to your current and potential customers.

“Explainer Video” was a new term for me.  While trying to learn more about the concept, I found the perfect explanation.

The folks at Column Five have done a great job of using an explainer video to explain what an explainer video actually is and the science behind them that makes them so effective.  You’ll understand when you see it.  They also show why a professional voice over is so important.  Visit their site to learn more about their great work.

Explainer Video on Explainer Videos from Column Five on Vimeo.

Ever wonder why explainer videos are great for communicating complex information in an engaging way? Here is the science behind them — and one creative technique in particular: voice-over.

Creative Director: Josh Ritchie
Associate Creative Director: Nick Miede
Storyboard Artists: Kirk Wells, Ryan Rumbolt
Graphic Designer: Kirk Wells
Animator: Jay Quercia
Sound Mixer: Andrew Barnes
Voice-over: Alexa Kahn